The truth and nothing but the truth (disclosure)

“Shameless Ramblings” is a personal blog, with all entries written and edited by little ol’ me.

Unfortunately, I do not accept any form of advertising, sponsorship or paid insertions for this blog. Should that ever change, you will be the first to know! šŸ™‚

For the time being, I write solely for my own purpose (and the sake of hopefully securing a stellar grade in my current certificate course). All opinions expressed in this blog and entries is mineĀ and I am not compensated, in any way, to provide opinions on products, services, websites and various other topics.

Added to that, my opinions are purely formed from my own beliefs and personal experiences, and in no way make me an expert on the subjects discussed herein.

While I welcome and encourage all feedback and commentary on my blog posts, please note the following as pertains to comments:

All Comments will be placed under “moderation and pending approval”.Ā 

Any comments deemedĀ salacious, slanderous, threatening or otherwise inappropriateĀ will be deleted and, depending on just how far you wish to go,Ā reported.

Privacy Policy

I ask that you respect all personal picturesĀ posted to this blog areĀ my own and I do not endorse the use of them anywhere else, under any circumstances. Should I see that my pictures have been appropriated and ‘used’ elsewhere, I will hunt you down with my samurai sword, understood?


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