What’s in a name?

After attending a romance writing workshop this weekend, I left with a question humming around in my head: to take or not to take a pen name?

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Jamie’s Top 40 Looks from Outlander Episode #107: THE WEDDING

I can’t get over how hooked I am on this show. April – get a move on! Here’ s a funny little post for any other die-hards, like me, who are stuck in the Outlander wastelands, eagerly awaiting the continuation of Season 1 to return in Spring 2015.

Candida's Musings

Before I begin, I have to warn you – given the hotness of the latest episode, I decided to write my captions accordingly. While I strive to be respectful of the actors, we’re all here to have a little fun. So in advance, I apologize to anyone I may offend. Now, down to business

As I state in my review, Outlander Episode #107: THE WEDDING is blazing hot. Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) sizzle together even when they aren’t touching. As the show progresses, the heat factor also increases.

Due to popular request, I turned my Top 30 Looks into a Top 40. Yes, I know 50 is better than 40 and 100 is better than 50, but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the selections I made this week. I’m eager to hear from you regarding my cream of the crops. Because I was unable to limit my…

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NaNoWriMo – The midway point. Keeping the motivation going, carving out the time and caring for newborn

We’ve reached November 15th. Good-freaking-God. You know, our parents likely have said to each of us that time will only continue to move faster as we get older. And when you’re young and sixteen, you think – “Hah! Sure. And you also said High School would be the best years of our lives, what a crock of s**t!”

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Literary line up for 2015 – my big Top 3 must do and see

Since I made the decision to actively pursue becoming published, the first thing I had to do was put myself out there by attending workshops and conferences, joining a chapter and critique groups, doing courses and webinars. My writing has grown so much in the last year, thanks to this process and next year I am upping the ante by venturing outside the small boundaries of Ontario.

Here are my Top 3 that I plan to tackle for the first time:

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NaNoWriMo is here!!!

Elsa (Frozen) singing new lyrics for Let It Go

I am not going to waste the first 24 hours of my NaNo experience blogging. Instead, I am posting this funny little picture I crafted last night to give my fellow NaNo’s a giggle or two.

Let the writing craze commence! *crack of gun fire*